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"RN" REAL NURSES TV Series Epi 2


Executive Producer and Creator Tamara D. Woods Directed by Frazier Prince "RN" Real Nurse is a Medical Scripted Drama. That depicts real experiences that deal with everything from the highs and lows of Nursing in and out of the hospital setting.


Issues such as substance abuse, life struggles, disciplinary actions, mental illness, politics in the hospital and the different dynamics between all the interdisciplinary teams. PA's, NP's MD , etc And much more..

Crackdown Big City Blues [Trailer]

The Film Detective Unearths Writer/Director Paul DeSilva's Crackdown Big City Blues For DVD And Blu-ray Release On Nov. 20

The history of film making is replete with bizarre and strange tales of productions gone awry, or hijacked … or slipping off into the void.   Perhaps there is none stranger than writer/director Paul DeSilva’s 1990 New York City drug-fueled “docudrama” titled Crackdown Big City Blues.


Filmed with a mix of cinéma vérité, choreographed street violence and documentary-style messaging, Crackdown Big City Blues is a time capsule of the 1990s crack epidemic that ravaged New York City, especially the Black and Hispanic communities.   It was raw and ready to rumble!


As with many indie productions — both then and now — getting the film made was one thing, getting it distributed was yet another.   The Blaxploitation boom of the 1970s was past its prime, so it couldn’t be slotted into that mix for distribution … and its anti-drug message found few takers at the time.   The film was put up on the shelf and then suddenly in 1997 DeSilva dropped dead of a heart attack … Crackdown Big City Blues would be forgotten.


That is, until now.   The Film Detective has teamed up with Paul DeSilva’s life-long friend and former narcotics detective, Frazier Prince, to restore Crackdown Big City Blues from the original 35mm archived print for both Blu-ray and DVD distribution on Nov. 20.

The Force M.D.'s Relived 


THE FORCE M.D.S RE-LIVED is an entertaining and illuminating film, that presents an enlightening account of the early years of rap music and tells how a young MC crew from Staten Island experimented with classic Rhythm and Blues to create their own distinctive blend of sound that set the stage for today’s Hip Hop and R&B sound (Hip Hop Soul). Originally known as the Force MCs, they incorporated different elements of entertainment in their performances such as dance, Rap, and impersonations of famous singers to complement their sound. 


This group that became known to us as the Force M.D.s recorded Rap influenced songs on the fledgling Rap label, Tommy Boy Records, with songs like, Let Me Love You, Forgive Me Girl and Itch in for a Scratch that inspired Rolling Stone Magazine to label them as the innovators of Doo Wop Hip Hop before moving along to record more standard R&B sounding songs with the huge hits like, Love Is A House and the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis penned, Tender Love. 


THE FORCE M.D.S RE-LIVED presents interviews and first-hand accounts from legends of Hip-Hop with guest appearances of Boyz II Men, Tom Silverman, Afrika Bambaataa, Naughty By Nature, Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, Full Force, Grand Wizard Theodore, KRS-One, the late Mr. Magic and others that attest to the significant role of this pioneering group in the history of American music.

A Dream Deferred


A compelling documentary. "A Dream Deferred". Is a close look featuring common people, drug abusers, and legends that have overcome obstacles to achieve their pinnacles of success. Produced and Directed by Frazier Prince

Executive Producer Bridget Davis


Hood Boogas Movie centers in on the BMS (Baby Mama Surveillance) Team traveling from Brooklyn, New York to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania to investigate crimes committed by Hood Boogas in a music-filled adventure which eventually leads to an exciting and tumultuous close.

This film stars Roc DaGuard and D - Sorce of the Hip Hop Group 2B, Hurricane G, Earl Blaize, The Noe Doe Network and features Comedians: Smokey & A.G. White (from Comic View, Bad Boys Of Comedy & Russell Simons Def Comedy Jam) Guest appearances by Hip Hop Legends Red Bandit, Kangol Kid (UTFO), Sauce Money, Louieville Sluggah (Boot Camp Click), Mystere Jones & more...

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